foto mortola

Gonzalo Mórtola

Port Controller, General Port Administration of Argentina

Welcome to the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) on “Tourism, Inland Ports and Waterways, Ship Services and Navigation Safety”

The Member States of the Inter-American Committee on Ports (CIP) have honored us with this presidency and we believe we have complied with the obligation assumed in the various Executive Board of the Inter-American Committee on Ports (CECIP) meetings.

We are grateful for the assistance received from the Member States of this TAG.

As can be seen, our TAG has various thematic work lines, which we are working with enthusiasm and professionalism. We hope that the work and activities that we are developing contribute to the development of the American ports, fulfilling, the objectives outlined in the Inter-american Council for Integral Development (CIDI).

We are satisfied with the result of the actions taken and we will continue working in this way, promoting and strengthening the participation of the Member States, through video-conferences and activities of this TAG.

Warm Regards.