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  • Chair: Uruguay


This TAG is an organ of the Inter-american Committee on Ports (CIP), which aims to provide technical advice to the Committee on specific aspects related to the thematic work lines of this TAG to reinforce cooperation for the development of the port sector in the hemisphere.

In this regard, the TAG will lead to improve benefits in the tourism area by promoting the improvement and modernization of the port systems based on rgulatory frameworks and international standards, sufficiently flexible, dynamic and confident to promote investments without neglecting environmental protection and port security.

The TAG will promote the optimization of the systems and procedures that affect the streamlining and operability of the services provided to the ships during their arrivals to the ports, through the strengthening of cooperation between the members.

We will contribute to the dynamism, updating and modernizing of the control systems of the navigation by proposing the adoption of appropriate measures and procedures for safety and security and promote the river port development looking forward to the hemispheric integration of landlocked countries and inland ports.

In order to seek this, the TAG will strengthen synergies with other TAGs or with other organs of the CIP to merge the task of the Committee with the areas defined in the CIP Plan of Action 2012-2013 ratified in the Cartagena Plan of Action for the 2014-2015, extended until 2016.

The American Port Sector operates mainly in emerging economies, holding at the same time the exchange of goods and passenger transport; all this in the context of a globalized economy, tinted with uncertainty. The main challenges consist in achieving a high degree of efficiency in each of the issues that it addresses to the TAG.